Last Bowl Of Chilie

A man enters a cafe and sits down. He notices that the special of the day is chili. When the waitress comes to take his order he says, "I would like a bowl of chili."

I'm sorry, the gentleman next to you got the last bowl," says the waitress. "I'll just have coffee then," the man says.

After a while, he notices that the guy next to him (who got the last bowl of chili) is finishing a rather large meal and the chili is still there.

So, he asks, "Are you going to eat that bowl of chili?"

The other man replies, "No."

"Would you sell it to me?"

"No, but you can have it for free." So he takes the bowl of chili and begins to eat it.

When he gets about half way through the bowl, he notices a dead mouse in the bowl and pukes the chili back into the bowl.

The other man says, "That's about as far as I got too."

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Submitted on: 29 January 1999 by Eddie Fritz
Joke ID: 1258

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